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Where to find us?

Where to find us?

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REMEX are experts for minerals recycling,
remediation services and secondary aggregates

REMEX is the right partner when it comes to mineral materials: we process and recycle mineral waste competently and professionally no matter how contaminated it may be and produce top quality secondary construction materials. Moreover, our strong portfolio also includes carrying out remediation services at contaminated sites, supplying backfill material and operating landfills.

Minerals recycling

Mineral waste is generated by a whole variety of different processes and sectors. REMEX provides each individual sector with the most suitable waste management concept – whether it be the construction sector or industrial businesses, waste incineration plants or railway construction firms. Our clients come from both the public and private sectors. more

Remediation services

REMEX ensures that land is freed of contamination. The services provided by CONMIN and PROTERRA turn polluted sites into useful land. Their portfolio not only includes remediation services, soil management and recultivation work but also compiling expert reports.  more

Construction materials

Mineral waste is often a highly suitable base material for producing top quality construction materials. Our brands, remexit® and granova®, are first class building materials that can hold their own against conventional products in every single respect. They are used, for example, for underground and ground engineering work and for building roads as well as for constructing noise protection barriers and landfills. Furthermore, we supply recycled ballast material for laying railway tracks. more


With REMEX SOLUTIONS, REMEX and its numerous subsidiaries and holdings offer innovative waste management and recycling solutions for manufacturing companies, construction sector and waste management industry. Our secondary aggregates granova® and remexit® as well as the services 'ts.recycling' and 'pp.landfill' are part of our comprehensive portfolio of special products and services. more



Solutions Logos

ts.verwertungs Maßstab

'ts.recycling' linear scale

A ruler which turns
into a scale. Fold it and
take it everywhere.

Handbuch Ersatzbaustoffe

Handbook on secondary aggregates

information on
the use in road-
and earthworks.
Updated and

Klassifizierungsscheibe 2014/2015

classification disc

Check the
applicabilty of

pp.deponie Schieber

‘pp.landfill’ slider

Users will
find the slider
and handy.

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